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the sun fired blanks

exist to exit

so sedated, so secure
19 October
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i'd have to say that you have no taste in music whatsoever.
...and oceans, adagio, agalloch, amon amarth, amorphis, anal gore terror, andromeda, arch enemy, arsis, as i lay dying, at the gates, atreyu, atrophia red sun, ayreon, battlelore, beecher, behemoth, bleeding through, blind guardian, bloodbath, borknagar, brujeria, callenish circle, carnal forge, cheap food, children of bodom, chromeshift, circus maximus, common sense, concept albums, cryptopsy, cynic, dali's dilemma, dark tranquility, darkane, death, death metal, derek sherinian, detonation, dies irae (mex), dies irae (pol), dimension zero, disarmonia mundi, disillusion, dream evil, dream theater, dying fetus, dysrythmia, edge of sanity, ephel duath, epoch of unlight, eucharist, evergreen terrace, excurses, falconer, finding good music unexpectedly, forest of impaled, frameshift, free donuts, fuck... i'm dead, gamma ray, gardenian, god forbid, graphite symphony, grave, horrified, horse the band, iced earth, impaled, in flames, iniquity, into eternity, iron maiden, it dies today, john myung, john petrucci, jordan rudess, kalmah, kataklysm, katatonia, killswitch engage, krisiun, laughing at scenesters, liquid tension experiment, logic, lord of mushrooms, lykathea aflame, maggot twat, mastodon, megadeth, mike portnoy, mind's orchard, misanthropic, moonspell, mors principium est, mr. bungle, musical genius, napalm death, nevermore, nightrage, nonexist, norther, nuclear assault, old man's child, omnium gatherum, opeth, pantera, pig destroyer, porcupine tree, progressive influences, prowler in the yard, queensrÿche, quo vadis, rod morgenstein, scar symmetry, skyfire, smugface, soilwork, solefald, spastic ink, spiral architect, strapping young lad, suidakra, sun caged, technical jazz, the aching beauty, the black mages, the crown, the defaced, the forsaken, the jelly jam, the mars volta, the project hate mcmxcix, the shadow gallery, thunder stone, time curve symmetry, transatlantic, vader, vanden plas, veda, vehemence, vic wooten, vital remains, vomitory, vomitron, women, x japan, yes, zao, zyklon